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The Zammit

Designed, built and engineered by William Zammit aka Ted.

“I wanted to sail a boat that was perfect for a small person on a budget like me and there was a huge hole in the market for averaged sized persons 70kg or less, who don't want to compromise on SPEED!.”

I embarked on a 1.5 year journey which is FAR from over to design one of the fastest dinghies ever sailed, also one of the cheapest brand new.

A hydro-foiler, single-hander, for beginners to learn how to sail and hydrofoil, and experts to master


  1. A single-handed boat for someone 50-70kgs

  2. A boat for beginner sailors to learn, and experts to master

  3. A boat that goes really fast but doesn't require an intense amount of constant hiking

  4. A boat that is all about the skill in sailing, reading the wind, tactics, agility and not physical strength or size.

  5. A boat that feels like a traditional cockpit design dinghy yet uses the latest in technology and design while costing under $10,000 new.

  6. A boat that has all the benefits of fast rigging, lightweight transport, easy off-the beach launching and retrieval by one-person.

  7. A boat that connects sailing with an entirely NEW group of people who enjoy keeping fit through water sports by reaching out to a new audience and participation base. Rather than breaking the pie of sailing into more pieces between classes, instead growing the ENTIRE sport by getting new people into small boat sailing.

For those interested in racing;

  1. A class where buying and maintaining a National winning boat isn't about having very deep pockets, but instead affordable One-Design equipment that lasts and isn't under-designed on purpose.

  2. A boat that gives a small helm the opportunity to earn their place to proudly represent their Nation at the highest level in Sailing Competition without being forced into an expensive or double-handed class, and thus one-day will be raced at the Olympics.

  3. And lastly, a boat that is more than a boat, but a culture that encourages opportunity, learning, sharing ideas, competitive yet friendly racing and ultimately helping more people have a great and safe time out on the water.